When will Airport CEO be released?

As soon as possible. We have some more polishing and testing to be done, then we’ll launch the real Steam Greenlight Campaign. For more details on the development process, check out the development roadmap.

How much will Airport CEO cost?

There is currently no price set. Airport CEO is an indie game and will be priced as such, expect something very reasonable.

What are the minimum requirements for Airport CEO?

There are currently no requirements set. These will be published as we move closer to releasing the game.

So will Airport CEO will be like Prison Architect but with airports?

With all respect to the creators of Prison Architect and their fantastic game, we are by no means trying to make “Airport Architect”. We can, however, admit that the success of Prison Architect inspired us to make the game in 2D rather than 3D (which has allowed for a much faster development process) and that we have drawn inspiration in the superb details of their game, as well as from many other amazing tycoon games. Airport CEO will feature a mix of tycoon best practices while introducing new aspects into the tycoon genre, conjured from our own ideas and experiences of playing tycoon and business simulation games.

Will Airport CEO feature mutiple-floor terminal design?

Initially, no. Eventually, yes! However, we have not yet started developing a multi-floor system and will most likely not do so before an early access release. This feature will be designed and implemented further down the road.

What techniques are used for developing Airport CEO?

Airport CEO is being developed with Unity, an amazing game engine that anyone can learn to master. We are coding in C# where we rely heavily on an MVC architecture and the utilization of a vast array of different software design patterns. We are also using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator for the development of sprites and textures.

How can I suggest ideas to Airport CEO?

We have multiple channels through which you can interact with the deveopment process. Check out the connect page for more details.

How can I invest in Airport CEO?

There is currently no way to invest in the game. While we eventually do plan to run a funding campaign we need more time to develop the game in order to fully convince and promise you, the investor, that we will deliver the best airport tycoon game yet.

Will Airport CEO have mod support?

Initially, no. Eventually, yes! Mod support will be implemented once the game is ready for it.

This Airport CEO FAQ didn’t answer all my questions!

Mayday, mayday! Send us a message or ask the community if something is still unclear and we might just add it here as well.

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