Roadmap & Funding


During the summer of 2015 the idea of Airport CEO was born.

Development Initiated

The development process was in September 2015 initialized and Generation Flight, as it was initially called, started coming to life.

Game Announced

The game was announced through different social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit. Website launched.

First Milestone Build Complete

The first milestone was achieved in November 2015: A build containing a test airport with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecyles fully integrated.

Teaser Video Released

The Airport CEO teaser video, showcasing the basic style and fundamental functions of the game, was released.

Second Milestone Build Complete

The second milestone was achieved in April 2016: A build containing an airport dynamically constructed from scratch with the passenger, employee and aircraft lifecyles fully integrated.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video Released

On the 31st of May the first complete pre-alpha gameplay video of Airport CEO was released, showcasing the current state of Airport CEO.

Full Length Gameplay Videos Released

As an important step in showing you the work that has been produced, we will deliver three full length gameplay videos showcasing end-to-end Airport CEO gameplay.

EXPECTED: Steam Greenlight Campaign

Very soon, a Steam Greenlight Campaign will be launched in order to be able to distribute the game via the Steam gaming platform.

EXPECTED: First Early-Access Alpha Released

As soon as possible, Airport CEO will be released as an Early Access title.

 Roadmap is subject to change as the development progresses.


The developers of Airport CEO have so far invested a lot of their free time, money and creativity in the project. We aim to develop the best airport tycoon and management game and in order to do this we must know that we have a community to back us up. We want to continue our efforts on making Airport CEO as good as both you and us want it to be and that is why we need you support.

More info on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign will be posted here when the time is right. In the meantime please follow our development blog for updates on the progress.

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